The Fall

State of the Union

  • Gameplay, Player movement: It’s stable, but rough… functional and everything, it just feels very basic. There are some obvious enhancements to make.
  • Gameplay, Enemy AI: The enemies can track you and navigate around the map. They’ll avoid obstacles and can be set to patrol given paths. I plan to allow them to share info and position themselve as a group.
  • Loot, Functionality: There isn’t that much loot in the game right now. There is a ton of it designed and sitting in OneNote. I’m in the middle of making item affixes do what they say they will, such as increasing rate of fire or applying buffs.
  • Loot, Tiers: One of the proposed tiers is Mythic. Items in this tier are earned through specific, repeatable actions. These are akin to Destiny exotics or Borderlands legendaries. There are mythic tier items in every category. I haven’t finished defining the actions to receive each piece of mythic gear. There’s still a long way to go with gear quests and lore.
  • Art: I haven’t been working on art at all. I had the title screen mock up done and haven’t looked at art since. I’ve known for a long time what I want the game to look like. The next step is finding the person to turn my ideas into someting we can put on the screen!
  • Sound, Foley: I’ve been using sounds from Destiny 2. They’re wonderful! I’m not looking forward to replacing them.
  • Sound, Music: Much like art, I haven’t done anything with PF’s music. I’m not sure what kind of music I want. How about M83 let’s me use DSVII and we’ll call it a day!
  • Story: There have been so many changes to the story that it’s hard to keep straight. The idea that Pastel has come back to Earth to prepare it for the return of the Earthlings has gone through some changes. I’m not sure PF takes place on Earth. I have solidified the antaonists and their motivations, that was a big step.

Next Steps
I’m ready to give myself a deadline to aim for. The plan is to have a playable (what’s before alpha??) version of the game by the end of the year. This is the version of the game that I will use to shop for musicians and artists. I’m going to do weekly updates on this site. Next week, I’ll post my progress on the official To Do list.