Things Coming into Focus

Here’s an Update
I’ve been working on Pastel Future’s story and mechanics a lot more than I have its code. Hey, that’s good. Everyone always says you should have a design before you start coding. I’ve hammered out the story and the way the story ties in to the gameplay mechanics. I’m very happy with where that is.

On Mechanics
Pastel Future is an action RPG with a little Sim City and StarCraft mixed in. You will build and army and command troops to accomplish goals that Pastel could not do alone. It sounds good on paper, we’ll see how it goes when I’m able to test it.

I am still struggling with how far to go with replayability. Diablo 3’s greater rifts give you endless replayability. Is there a solution for Pastel Future that achieves that goal? Is that even a goal? I’m not settled on this yet.

GlitchRock Games
We have a new logo which represents; time, space, and b0x. Look for a clock, cube, and an isometric view of an empty room.

GlitchRock Games