Pastel Sunrise

Pastel Sunrise

I was working on some ideas for a company or game intro and got on to the idea of a Pastel Sunrise. A pink sun, rising over a black horizon. This is a quick attempt at that, in engine.

While I was thinking about the sunrise, I had an idea to mimic the text style from the intro of The Terminator. That was pretty fun to do. I’ve worked out a way to create different styles and plug them in as needed. I’m thinking that this is how I’m going to do the HUD text, which I want to have an interactive element to it. I want it to be able to ask you questions and request a multiple choice response. Here is a short video of the Terminator text.

Writing a Story
The original Vapor Story had a fairly fleshed out story that was driven by my desire to explain some of the unkown or mysterious events on Earth with story elements. I had seven or eight that I really liked. At some point though, I fell out of love with that story. I was having a lot of trouble tying the story elements to the type of gameplay I wanted in Vapor Story. As disappointing as that was, I am having a blast writing the new story. I feel like being able to make the game activites seem like a natural part of the story is important to a good design. The name Pastel Future is rooted in both the story and the mechanics of the game. I’m very happy with it.

Here is something from an earlier post:

Right now, the scope of Pastel Future is more than I can handle. An immediate goal is to determine what stays and what goes.

That’s a big thing. I still struggle with the decision to use GameMaker Studio for Pastel Future. Not that I don’t like it, but I keep going back to a 2D not having that same feeling of immersion and scale as a 3D game. The Unreal Engine is so accessable… it’s keeps calling me. How do I compare the different requirements for assets between GameMaker and Unreal Engine? A big advantage that Unreal has is that you can go into the marketplace and buy a skinned, rigged, and animated model. Then start programming with it in just a few minutes. It won’t be what you release with the game, but there is something for you to work with VERY quickly. Contrast that with getting a test character in Game Maker. This usually amounts to searching Google for spritesheets that have animations that kind of resemble what you’re looking to do. Unreal seems better there.

A big hangup with Unreal is that I’m not very strong in C++. You can do a lot with blueprints in Unreal, but eventually you’ll need to start writing code. Simple things in game turn into massive spaghetti looking blueprints pretty quickly and I think most pro devs do their final logic in C++. Maybe a middle ground like Skookum script can help with this? Really, I highly doubt I can do final art for either engine, so I guess cost is a big factor too. For your money, wihch one is better?

I leave you with the Pastel Sunrise!

Pastel Sunrise