Guilty Pleasures?

Good Music
I don’t know why Spotify calls this a ‘Guilty Pleases’ playlist. These are good songs! Maybe not ALL of them, but most.

War Room
I have a war room setup going in my dining room. I should be streaming this! Today I’m whipping up a crafting sample: run around, pick up items, use those items to craft new items.

In my first project, I’m going to have some fun with crafting. Building recipes, checking item requirements, unlocking recipes and actions based on item inventory… all on the list for this project. I’ll also figure out how to populate an area with certain items, given a target density and list of items. I picture creating areas on the map where certain types of plants grow, then over time, plants will spring up in the designated area until a certain regional species density is reached. As you pick plants, new ones grow back to fill the region. This will require instancing plant objects and tracking overall population. Maybe a plant factory?