Game Design

Game Design
Here’s a list..

  • wrote a dream sequence featuring the main character
  • drew up some plans for how gun mods may work
  • wrote a few paragraphs of ‘World’ backstory
  • started a list of ‘things to try’

Technical Design
I did more work on the prototype, specifically on animated sprites, adding a feature that allows sprite animations to play out of order frames from the sprite sheet.


MonoGame Tools

I installed the monogame tools and intend to use them to build a prototype. I want the prototype to have:

  • a moving character
  • animated sprites
  • a weapon that shoots bullets
  • hit scan bullets
  • traveling bullets
  • joystick input
  • sounds for movement and weapon fire

For the prototype, I’m using sprite resources from Kenney Assets. I also added a couple of design edicts to the list (see top of page).