The TODO List

Project Management
I love lists. They keep me on track and they let me dump stuff out of my head so I have some room to think. Trello helps me make lists, so I love Trello and it’s simple and straight-forward design. I had more things to say about Trello, but I forget them before I could make a list.

The TODO List

Tech Design
I’m building item pickup functionality, using the voxel Sleeper Simulant to test. Here are the object so far, each lower level object is a sub-class of the object above it:

  • Pickup Primal
    • Pickup Weapon Primal
      • Pickup Weapon Sleeper Simulant
    • Pickup Bonus Primal
      • Pickup Bonus GloDots
      • Pickup Bonus Credits
    • Pickup Ammo Primal
      • Pickup Ammo Primary
      • Pickup Ammo Precision
      • Pickup Ammo Heavy

Primal objects must be sub-classed. The Pickup Weapon Primal describes the weapon and defines available properties (reserve size, clip size, equip speed, mesh, icon, etc) and Pickup Weapon Sleeper Simulant defines the values for these properties. This is pretty standard object-oriented programming. The amazing part to me is how intuitive it is to implement this design within the Unreal engine. Here’s a sample of the Sleeper’s item popup:


These entries always take me longer to write than I think they will. I’m going to do one every three days or so.