That's all we've done?

Technical Design
It’s a been an unproductive week at GlitchRock Games. I suffer from anxiety/migraines and neither of them have been very kind to me this week. I’ve lost the whole week to them. I’m working as much as I can today and hopefully will be back at full steam tomorrow. In the last few sessions, I’ve worked on sorting out the inventory, tweaking some things here and there, and making some changes to make it feel a lot like the system from Diablo 3. I’m doing stacking a little differently, but aside from that, it’s very similar.

I’m going to take a little time to work on character movement now. It feels sluggish and boring. Adding a nice effect to the dash and tweaking the collision code will make it feel a lot more solid and responsive. This will tie in to adding the controller as an input device. Right now, you can only move with the keyboard and mouse. The input system is made up off two layers; input reading and action mapping. The input module reads all available inputs and maps them to a given action, which will eventually be assigned through the Input Configuration menu. An input to action mapping looks something like: action_map[action.attack] = input.mb_left;

This type of mapping lets me reference the actions in the game code, instead of specific keys. It’s a common technique and allows for user control customization. I’m a big fan of customization and options, so I’m working on exposing as many options as is appropriate.

ps. I stole the screen shake code that I used in Poopin in Swoopin and made it an object in Vapor Story.