Doom Article

This article on Gamasutra about the design process behind Doom 2016 is really interesting.

Here’s how Stratton and id creative director Hugo Martin defined the idea of “combat chess”: speed of movement; individuality of the demons; distinctiveness of the weapons; overall power of the player; and the idea of “make me think, make me move.”

On gameplay…

Martin added, “We just edited a lot of stuff, and said we don’t necessarily want the player to have multiple ways to accomplish their goals – there’s only one way to play Doom…We cut a lot of stuff that is completely valid in a lot of [other] games, just to get the game to feel like Doom.”

No reloading, it’s DOOM!

Doom cuts the cruft from the modern first-person shooter format. There’s relatively little dialog, there are “missing” mechanics like reloading, and the tools provided to players in order to progress require little overt explanation or tutorializing.