GameMaker and Pixel Art

Game Design
I am going to use GameMaker Studio as my engine. It is a nice middle ground between ‘build your own’ and ‘drag and drop.’ I think it will be good for me. I can go on to something like Unreal or Unity next time.

Art Design
Pixel art is so tough, I can’t get over how easy some people make it look. Check out the image in this tweet…

Pretty, pretty cool. I’ll try that with my Hunter from yesterday’s entry.

I have a story written that includes a bunch of real world events. I liked the idea of explaining a couple of well known mysteries with events from the game’s story. For example, explaining the cause of the Tunguska event by showing that the meteoroid responsible for the explosion was actually jettisoned cargo from an alien spacecraft. What I don’t like about that parts of the story take place on Earth, so you’re kind of bound to having a portion of your story on the pale blue dot. Nothing wrong with that from a story standpoint, but then you have to create assets for Earth as well as what we’re calling Roma, the beautiful but negelcted planet on which the bulk of the story takes place. Here are my drawing skills, to show you how much of a burden a second location will be on me.

Such Art Whiteboard City

Yeah, so… on to music. My friend sent me to Audio Jungle to check out some royalty free music. There is so much available, I’m pretty hopeful I can find something to use for sharing clips of the game.