Two More Engines

Technical Design
Well maybe not down to three! I decided to go to the opposite end of the spectrum from building my own engine, to a codeless engine. I wanted to try a couple of those, since some pretty good and successful games have used them.

  • Construct 3: This really seems to be a 100% codeless game maker. You use event and actions to build your scenes. Everything is an object and has events and actions based on its object type. There is No Game is made with Construct.

  • Gamemaker Studio: This is an awesome product. There are some really great games made with Gamemaker, including Hotline Miami and Hyper Light Drifter. Showcase here.

I am definitely doing a 2D, top down game. I am working on a Kickstarter-like pitch for the game. It will give an overview of what I want to achieve. I plan to include a summary of the story, list core mechanics, outline the gameplay loop, and describe the game’s aesthetic. I am working on this now.