Low Poly Landscapes

Website Design
Progress: Uhhhhhh……… 70%?

Technical Design
Unreal Engine is so much fun to play around with. I could sculpt landscapes allll day. I was thinking of recreating my street/block in a low poly style. That would so cool… here is a test of that look, which I really like. It could nice with some help on the art.

A question I’ve had on my mind since I started looking at the pre-made engines, is ‘Am I having fun with this?’ I really enjoyed building the original Element test and I haven’t had a good time like that since I started using Unity/Unreal. I don’t know if the aesthetic of the game is as important as me having a good time building it. I want to make a good game, that I enjoy working on. It’s something that I’m keeping in mind while I try all of these engines.

Game Design
I did a bunch of writing this week, mostly about the events that lay the foundation for our story. Everything I wrote takes place before the game begins. The idea is to have discoverable items that supply pieces of the backstory, a lot like Grimoire cards from Destiny. Writing backstory and character details is a lot for fun for me, I’m going to spend a lot of time on these things.