Unity Progress

Technical Design
It’s been a busy week! I’ve been working a lot in Unity, trying to get familiar with all of the things that make it soooo good. I’m working on the tile mapper now, trying to figure out a way to have really big maps. The stab at it had a 1000x1000 map taking up about 5gb of ram. I have some ideas about how to bring that back down to earth, so that’s what I’ll do next. The self-imposed dealine (Sunday the 5th) to have a working prototype is approaching very quickly. Is this my first crunch??

You know, I’m pretty sure I’m trying to make Diablo 3 style combat. If you’ve played Just Cause 3, think about how you feel flying all over the place, blowing holes in everything and everyone. I want to have some of that in a top-down looter.

Asthetically, I am thinking of two distinct styles, one for each main location. Then I say to myself “how many bloody main locations are there??” One of those locations is going to be cut. That saves so much time in map building alone. The world with a vaporwave palette and retro futuristic styling is the winner. Is the Vice City source code open source yet? Maybe I can just mod that game into a looter and I’ll be set! It looks like jte and clashbyte were working on something. Dead now though.

Website Design
I have some new colors in mind. If the bright green is gone, then I got them changed before I went to bed. If not, SOON.