Website Framework

Technical Design
I’m revising my prototype date to Feb 5th. I’m off the Thursday and Friday leading into that weekend and I think I will need those extra days to finish. I would really like to make this available for download, just for the heck of it.

Website Design
I am going to use Jekyll for my sitebuilder. Github supports it natively, so that’s a done deal. I have just have to convert everything. I think the workflow will be, edit on my pc, commit, push, github builds with jekyll, display to web. Sounds easy enough.

While I was messing with Wintersmith, I wrote a plugin for it to use crass css minification. It’s on npmjs, and is named wintersmith-crass.

Go mine some Garlicoin, the difficulty is still pretty low. Check it out on reddit. I changed the site icon to the old Doge Miner logo to feel a little bit of that memecoin nostalgia.

Such video.