Website Design

Website Design
I don’t like web design or html or css or any of that. I’m dreading adding another archive link when February comes around. To try and alleviate some of the work involved in updating this site, i’ve been looking into using a site generator. I’m going to use Wintersmith, which is described as, “a simple yet flexible static site generator.” Node to the rescue!

Technical Design
I’ve been working in Unity the last couple of nights, and it’s amazing. Like I mentioned before, I’m going to rebuild the little prototype I made with the homebrew engine. This one will have some core gameplay…

  1. Tilemap: scrolls
  2. Player: move, shoot, pickup items
  3. Enemy: basic player tracking
  4. Loot Crate: generates random items
  5. Maybe: inventory, cybernetic monkey?

I want to be done by 1/28.