The Story So Far

The Story So Far
The story for Project Ever has gone into orbit. It’s getting good and I’ve started on my research to fill in factual details. I’d like to share something soon, I was thinking about one of the in game backstory items, like a journal, that type of thing. I know a few specific things that happen, when they happen, and who they involve. One of those would fit the bill.

Technical Design
I have been looking at using an IoC container, mostly StructureMap, but so far have decided against it. Maybe I’ll regret that decision later on, when I’m pulling my hair out over some lifecycle bug.

Misc Stuff

  • John Carmack’s .plan PDF: This is a collection of John Carmack‘s .plan entries from Jan 12, 1997 to Dec 31, 1997. Some developers used to keep .plan files, which you could get access to by ‘fingering’ them. This would be the equivalent of a current day Developer Blog. This .plan features a lot of stuff about the development of Quake 2 and QuakeWorld, the tournament held to win one of his Ferraris, and some cool info about the inner workings of id at the time.
  • Mathematical References PDF: Described as “This section describes the methods that I found useful while making this game.” I have no idea who “I” is, or what game they are talking about. It’s a good reference for a lot of game related math though.
  • Writing Testable Code: A lot of good stuff here. Seems to go overkill in some places just for the sake of testing, introducing excess code with no real purpose other than supporting tests. There is a good middle ground between where I am and where this guy proposes we go.