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2018.07.01 - Sunday
Still alive! Game progress is slow, but continues. Vapor Story is coming to life!
2018.05.20 - Sunday
I just had my birthday! I've been playing a lot of Destiny 2 on PC lately. I'm a little bit out of the development loop, but that's ok. I needed a little break after five straight months. I plan on making a big push this coming weekend. I'll have some down time and will be in a nice quiet place.

I'm going to be working on item generation, stats, properties, etc... I want to be able to equip items and have their properties affect the player. I also want to get battle working. SHOOTING stuff. LET'S GO!
2018.04.27 - Saturday
It's a been an unproductive week at GlitchRock Games. I suffer from anxiety/migraines and neither of them have been very kind to me this week. I've lost the whole week to them. I'm working as much as I can today and hopefully will be back at full steam tomorrow. In the last few sessions, I've worked on sorting out the inventory, tweaking some things here and there, and making some changes to make it feel a lot like the system from Diablo 3. I'm doing stacking a little differently, but aside from that, it's very similar.

I'm going to take a little time to work on character movement now. It feels sluggish and boring. Adding a nice effect to the dash and tweaking the collision code will make it feel a lot more solid and responsive. This will tie in to adding the controller as an input device. Right now, you can only move with the keyboard and mouse. The input system is made up off two layers; input reading and action mapping. The input module reads all available inputs and maps them to a given action, which will eventually be assigned through the Input Configuration menu. An input to action mapping looks something like: action_map[action.attack] = input.mb_left;

This type of mapping lets me reference the actions in the game code, instead of specific keys. It's a common technique and allows for user control customization. I'm a big fan of customization and options, so I'm working on exposing as many options as is appropriate.

ps. I stole the screen shake code that I used in Poopin in Swoopin and made it an object in Vapor Story.
2018.04.23 - Monday
I took a little break from Vapor Story this weekend to work on a game for Ludum Dare 41. The theme was 'combine two incompatible genres' and my game was a castle defense + farming sim, called Swoopin and Poopin. I'm pretty slow, so I didn't get finished, but I plan to work on it when I need a break from VS.
2018.04.13 - Friday
I've gotten the inventory working somewhat. There is a video of that down below. There is also a world clock, which is used to cycle day night coloring. It's just a simple overlay now, I'm not even sure the game will have day and night.

Y E S !
2018.04.08 - Sunday
Techinical Design
This weekend has been great as far as progress is concerned. Although, I've noticed that I'm just kind of throwing code all over the place. Some of it is getting a bit wild and is all over the place. I'm taking some time to reel those parts in, as well as correcting and expanding on some things; I'm not going to beat myself up over these thinsg, I'll look at it as learning the ropes of Game Maker. Also, I'm pretty happy with the way input is handled and abstracted. The extra time spent on that will allow for custom input mapping and it's easy to use in code.

Game Design
I'm playing through Breath of the Wild on Master Mode. There are times when I'm totally ignoring the story or any quest and I just go around in my stealth gear collecting beetles. This is the kind of activity I want to have in my game. Something that is fun and beneficial to the player, despite being totally optional. I would love for the players to be able to take pictures, or something with a similar purpose (tagging different game objects). I'm thinking about that a lot.

The story is still a work in progress. I aim for it to be something that can stand alone and be enjoyable on its own. I like it a lot so far.

A picture of the inventory window. The dark gray slots are disabled and can be unlocked through perks or experience.

ps. This article on The Legend of Zelda level design is pretty good!
2018.04.03 - Tuesday
Here is the beginning of the inventory popup and picking up items.

2018.04.01 - Sunday

Happy Easter from GlitchRock Games!

2018.03.28 - Wednesday
I think this article on Gamasutra about the design process behind DOOM 2016 is really interesting.
Here’s how Stratton and id creative director Hugo Martin defined the idea of "combat chess": speed of movement; individuality of the demons; distinctiveness of the weapons; overall power of the player; and the idea of "make me think, make me move."
2018.03.26 - Monday
Stopping in to drop of a video of the item popups!

Vapor Story Design Edicts
  1. Figure out what FUN is and make it rewarding.
  2. Make the FUN competitive, and let people compete.
  3. No fetch quests. These are not FUN.
  4. Have lots of guns, really hundreds.
  5. Drop loot from the enemy that awards it.
  6. Breadth, then depth. Iterate to add depth.
  7. Loot must change gameplay, must be interesting.